I'm Ronak.

I’m a growth marketer that loves to see numbers fall into place.

I’m always up for a heated debate about Berlin’s best pizza, burger, dumpling, or kebab, as long as its over a Mate or a Sterni.

Here’s a bit more about me in a bit more than a nutshell.

Coming from Bollywood-land and having lived around the globe (at least the part that’s east of the Atlantic), I’m an expert at consuming things that most would deem inedible. During my personal time I’m obsessively curating playlists, reading on the couch, discovering new restaurants, or complaining about the sun during Berlin’s short summers.

After all this time in Berlin, I’ve become quite the self-proclaimed expert on the food scene, and would gladly share my unsolicited thoughts.

I’m a digital marketer with over 7 years of experience in startups and established organisations.

I’ve typically handled commercial activities, including Sales, Marketing, Growth, Business Development, Analytics, and Data Visualisation, within several B2B and B2C structures, and love experimenting with tweaked models and techniques to discover something new.

I’ve enjoyed a well traveled career, with experience in Switzerland, the Maldives, India, Thailand, and the UAE, before finally deciding to call this Pfeffi soaked city of Berlin home.

Digital Marketing, User Lifecycle & Retention, Product-Driven Growth, Analytics & Reporting, and Design are my core focus areas; and anything to do with marketing automation and sustainable growth excite me.

I’m a generalist to a flaw, and will gladly get into a long conversation about anything marketing, strategy, or growth related.

Rapid Fire


MRR portfolio managed


Team members managed directly


CAGR achieved


YoY financial growth sustained


Will connect to free WiFi

Professional Life. TL;DR.

  • Left ZenGuard GmbH as Head of Marketing and joined GraphCMS as Head of Growth.
  • Trying to finally learn something new with GraphQL, Gatsby, and React. Not the smoothest so far.
  • Figured out how to make complete sense of data by setting up BI flows from start to reporting.
  • After over 30 million failed attempts, rebooted the idea to start a blog.
  • Took over as the Marketing & Growth Lead at ZenMate.
  • Got certified by the University of London in Responsive Web Design, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Figured out a lot about marketing automation, and got obsessed with API-driven marketing.
  • Completed an exhausting TLD migration from 50+ domains into one King Com.
  • Experimented with offline advertising for the first time with ZenMate on Easyjet.
  • Experimented with teleshopping for the first time with ZenMate on QVC. It was a blast!
  • Left Startup Safari to join ZenGuard GmbH (ZenMate) as an Online Marketing and CRM Specialist.
  • Moved to Berlin to take over Startup Safari’s marketing activities as Head of Marketing.
  • Joined Startup Safari as a remote marketer to set up their franchise operations online.
2014 and before

Want to talk marketing, growth, or food?