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Developer Marketing Resources


TL;DR: All the resources that helped me improve at marketing to developers at GraphCMS is now a public repo on awesome-developer-marketing.

This is a living document of (sometimes pretty unstructured and often off-on-a-tangent) hand-picked resources for marketers who're marketing to developers (B2D).

🚧 It is still very much still a work in progress 🚧

Ever since joining GraphCMS I've been on a steep learning curve - figuring out how different B2D is compared to B2C/B2B. I've grown to love the developer mindset of rewarding helpful content, avoiding shady gated practices, and building engaging communities - and I've tried to catalog my resources to help others out as well.

What I've learned is that content and SEO go a long way in building a successful marketing strategy. Performance marketing didn't work for me. Learning to accept the role of good content, value-first resources not hidden behind a lead wall, community engagement, and understanding how code works worked for me.

There's no "one size fits all" when it comes to marketing to developers, but making the effort to understand how they work, their tooling, and their goal for working with SaaS products makes things a lot simpler (and fun!). Hopefully, some of the resources that helped me will do the same for you.

If you're ever up to chat about developer marketing or discuss what's exciting about B2D, hit me up!

Want to contribute to growing/improve this list of resources? It's public on GitHub, so PRs welcome!

Developer Marketing Resources.png

This is an easy to maintain list in markdown, and since it's public, it's open to being copied/edited/enhanced by anyone who's got something to contribute to it. Check it out on my awesome-developer-marketing repo on GitHub, and hope you find something useful there.