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Marketing Resources


TL;DR: All my marketing bookmarks are public on my awesome-marketing repo on GitHub, and hope you find something useful there.

Over the years I've been through several resources to get better at what I do (or at least pretend I did), and that led to quite a cumbersome bookmark management system spread across 3 instances of Chrome, countless folders, and tons of duplicates of the same link that I never got back to because of how hard they were to find.

I've read, tried, and bookmarked many useful things: articles, videos, tools, websites, books, Tweets, podcasts, etc. I kept trying to find a better way to manage those bookmarks because I knew there was a lot of value in there, and some great resources from marketers I'd kept an eye on for years.

Chrome was getting out of hand - even after trying a few popular services like PinboardLassoRaindrop, and Gettoby - but each came with its own headaches.

So when trying to find a better solution one final time, and having gotten tired of spending hours hunting down several of them across folders just to share a link with someone, I decided to give up and just make a public list that keeps me accountable to organizing them better - while at the same time being accessible to anyone else who might need to find something interesting to learn from.


So I threw them into a little GitHub repo to (hopefully) never lose them again, and to let them (also hopefully) be a nifty resource for anyone looking for an interesting read on marketing, startups, or SaaS in general.

This is an easy to maintain list in markdown, and since it's public, it's open to being copied/edited/enhanced by anyone who's got something to contribute to it. Check it out on my awesome-marketing repo on GitHub, and hope you find something useful there.