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Nov 27, 2022
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Once a month I send a curated digest on developer marketing aimed at those selling to a highly technical audience.
If you’re a marketer selling APIs and other SaaS products to a highly technical audience, then the goal is to feed you with useful resources and examples of developer marketing that I find useful. Once a month I’ll send a curation of my finds from the previous month — things I found interesting, a few resources, and the highlight of the month which is usually an incredible example of how developer tools are positioning themselves for growth.

✅ What I’ll do

  • Send examples, case studies, content, and resources on developer marketing
  • (Sometimes) plug my own content
  • Share cool sh*t

❌ What I won’t do

  • Sell your email or info to third parties
  • Spam you
  • Ask you to join a cult
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