📌 Free B2B and Developer Marketing (B2D) Resources

Aug 1, 2022
A living document of hand-picked resources for marketers (or, I bookmark too many things to read and forget which folder they're in).
The problem with most marketing-related content online is that it's a lot of fluff — this was particularly true for me when I was getting started in B2B and B2D (Business to Developer) marketing, especially given my trouble in finding good developer marketing resources when I started off at GraphCMS Hygraph.
I try to read a lot and save my resources (reason: terrible bookmark management) — so I thought I might as well make it public, so you can save yourself some time trying to find things worth reading.
I try to stay active in speaking with companies in B2B and B2D all the time, and always keeping an eye on the API space and co-running a developer marketing community, feeding myself new resources to constantly be maintaining this list as and when I find interesting content!
If you prefer starring them and/or contributing to this list on GitHub, the lists are also OSS’d under @ronakganatra
Developer Marketing Resources: awesome-developer-marketing
Marketing Resources: awesome-marketing
Table of Contents

✒️ Internal Handbooks

🌐 Blogs, Newsletters, and Websites

🏭 B2B

🥑 B2D

🔖 Books

🏭 B2B

🥑 B2D

📖 Case Studies

🏭 B2B

🥑 B2D

🧠 Concepts in B2D

🤝 Community Marketing

📝 Content Marketing

  • Content Driven Growth - A great writeup on Content Driven Growth from Lenny's Newsletter, focusing on Hubspot, aHrefs, Intercom, and Slidebean (⭐)


Really Good Emails - Email inspiration for every email use case

🎨 Design Inspiration

🏭 B2B

🥑 B2D

⚙️ Developer Marketing Centric Content

🧙 API Docs

(In Dev. centric products I've learned that docs aren't just a requirement, they're basically a feature. Great docs make marketing so much easier, so here's a list of API docs that I think are extremely well designed/structured for inspiration)

📰 Newsletters

🏭 B2B

🥑 B2D

💸 Performance Marketing & Optimization

🎧 Podcasts

✨ Product Marketing


  • SEO Community - Public domain project listing resources for SEO (⭐)
  • Learning SEO - Free SEO learning roadmap with tons of resources

📊 Startups & Getting Started

🪴 Marketing Strategy & Growth

🎯 Teams & Leadership

💾 Tools

  • MarTech Base - Resource for building stacks and seeing who's using what
  • Build Your DXP - Community durated list of API-first tools for Martech stacks

🪶 Tweets

♻️ Unsorted

If you’d like to contribute to this list, feel free to get in touch with me or open a PR on either of the repos!
Developer Marketing Resources: awesome-developer-marketing
Marketing Resources: awesome-marketing

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