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Hi, I’m Ronak

I'm currently heading Marketing at DatoCMS. I'm also co-running and co-building


Savepad (Early Access)

Collaborative swipe file for growth teams to manage resources

Dev Marketing Community

Slack community of 800+ marketers in developer tooling and APIs


Curated resources for marketers in developer tooling (B2D)


Curated resources for marketers in B2B SaaS

Build your DXP

A community-curated catalog of APIs to build DXPs

Select Talks

Decoupled Days

Continuous Business Innovation with Composable Architectures

Geekle eCom Tech Summit

Driving Innovation in eCommerce with MACH architectures

Netguru Disruption Forum

Driving Innovation in eCommerce with MACH architectures

Dev Marketing Summit

GTM for marketing API tools to a technical audience

Select Recordings

Scaling DevTools

Speaking with Jack Bridger about GTM for developer tooling

DXP 360

Speaking with Kaya on Headless CMS and API Marketing

GraphCMS Talks

Speaking with Kelly Goetsch about MACH architectures

B2B Better

Speaking with Jason Bradwell about developer marketing

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AB testing is (mostly) a waste of time


In most B2B SaaS use-cases, having a fully-fledged CRO program is (probably) a waste of time.

Creating funnel stages. #YOLO


I’ve never been a fan of B2B contacts “jumping” from lead to MQL without having something validate their engagement in between, so we came up with a new lead stage to overcomplicate the funnel, because #YOLO.

From Build vs. Buy, to Buy to Build


Let's look into MACH Alliance, Composable Architectures, & Digital Experiences - and figure out if buy to build is the new standard in enterprise software for digital experiences.

Creating Build Your DXP


Build Your DXP is a community-curated catalog of APIs and microservices that come together to create powerful experience architectures.

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