Rants Thoughts

1. AB testing is (mostly) a waste of time


In most B2B SaaS use-cases, having a fully-fledged CRO program is (probably) a waste of time.

2. LTV:CAC is the metric I care about the most


If I were to define a true north star metric in B2B SaaS marketing, this'd be it.

3. Website traffic is often a bullsh*t metric


I have 0 faith in flexing just website traffic (in B2B)

4. Creating funnel stages. #YOLO


I’ve never been a fan of B2B contacts “jumping” from lead to MQL without having something validate their engagement in between, so we came up with a new lead stage to overcomplicate the funnel, because #YOLO.

5. MACH architectures outside of eCommerce (GPT-3)


As a GPT-3 prompt, I attempted to see how OpenAI would generate content around a specific topic on the MACH alliance, and whether the content is accurate.

6. Launching developer tools on ProductHunt


What goes into a successful Product Hunt launch for Developer Tools, and what are some insights and resources to get it right?

7. Email marketing to developers


Do developers really hate emails or is it just because we’re all guilty of spamming a barrage of mediocre updates that don’t really matter?

8. Not all Headless CMS are made equal


Is every Headless CMS just another database to build an API and query content from when building a website at the end of the day? Not quite.

9. We need more Principal Marketers


While not completely unheard of, marketing career ladders need to take some more influence from engineering ones.

10. From Build vs. Buy, to Buy to Build


Let's look into MACH Alliance, Composable Architectures, & Digital Experiences - and figure out if buy to build is the new standard in enterprise software for digital experiences.

11. Keyword research isn't as important as you think


Over time I've noticed that creating content based on funnel conversations work better than relying too much on keyword research tools.

12. Launching a Developer Marketing Community


There aren't many communities or resources for marketing to developers. So I tried to co-setup a community for developer marketing (B2D).

13. Creating Build Your DXP


Build Your DXP is a community-curated catalog of APIs and microservices that come together to create powerful experience architectures.

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