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18/12/2022 • What goes into a successful Product Hunt launch for Developer Tools, and what are some insights and resources to get it right?


I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in 3 “Top 5” Product of the Day launches on ProductHunt, which usually entails quite a coordinated effort between teams and the community. It’s also an incredibly “common” path for growing new products, particularly in the SaaS space --- and therefore quite the recurring topic in our Developer Marketing Slack group.

Over the past few months, the topic’s come up a few times, and there were some incredible insights from others in the group, something I thought worth cataloging in addition to my own learnings from launching on ProductHunt.

Launching GraphCMS and Build Your DXP on Product Hunt

Over my time at GraphCMS I was part of 2 major launches:

GraphCMS's been around on PH for a while

GraphCMS’s been around on PH for a while

A lot of our success on ProductHunt was attributed to Jamie, from our Developer Relations team, who had incredible knowledge about the platform and had been a long time Hunter.

Whenever we wanted to launch on PH, we’d collectively plan assets and timelines in advance --- usually around 2-3 months before our expected “launch” day. With new learnings from each launch, we finetuned our process until eventually we came up with our internal “recipe” for what goes into a successful ProductHunt launch for API products. By no means is that perfect, but it’s something that worked quite well for us specifically.

Jamie Barton

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Insights and resources on successful ProductHunt launches

This topic of launching Developer Tools on ProductHunt got quite a bit of traction on the Slack community, and others chimed in with incredible experiences and insights as well that add a whole new level of expertise on top of what we were doing.

Flo from Specify

Flo chimed in with his own (absolutely baller) insights on how Specify launched on ProductHunt, sharing an incredible deck filled with actionable items.

His top 5 takeaways to share were:

Specify on Twitter

I’ve also read the PH algorithm also bases ranking on acceleration of upvotes throughout the day, so a planned approach across regions should definitely help!

Sarah from

A gotcha moment however, was first making sure that your actual buyer is even on ProductHunt.

”The coveted #1 slot can feel good, but if it’s not moving the needle on your inbound loop, it’s probably not worth a major investment to boost your launch. PH is great for tech-y products or for some tech-y buzz. But for B2B SaaS, more often than not, your buyer likely isn’t perusing the latest PH launches and your resources are better spent elsewhere like newsletters, events, etc.”

Sagar from VideoSDK

Sagar also launched VideoSDK on ProductHunt and reached #1 Product of the Day and #4 Product of the Week. While his recommendation was having the entire team active on ProductHunt for about 10 days before a launch, he considers the 2 hours after a launch the most important.

”You must have at least 100 people to support your friends, team and family. Those people should upvote within 30 minutes. You and your team respond to all comments.”

Resources for successfully launching on Product Hunt

In addition to the above notes, there were a few other incredible resources shared that could be helpful:


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