👋 Hey, I’m Ronak

Jul 31, 2022
I'm a sustainable growth and marketing lover who's a fan of over-engineering things, and currently the Director of Marketing at Lano, working on some great projects with an incredible team.
On the side, I’m co-building Savepad with Fred — A collaborative SaaS for cross-functional teams to collect, categorize, curate, and reference resources.
I'm also a MACH Alliance ambassador, co-creator of BuildYourDXP, and co-running a Developer Marketing community with Jakub Czakon. Sometimes I curate a catalog of Free Marketing Resources covering B2B and B2D, and mentor on topics related to Marketing & Growth on GrowthMentor.
I'm passionate about Sustainable Growth, Developer Marketing, API Marketing, DXPs, and Composable Experience Architecture (MACH), and trying to jumble all that up into a monthly Developer Marketing newsletter.
You can connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn. If you’re building a product or startup in the SaaS, API, or Developer Tooling category and would like to discuss marketing and growth, get in touch — but not if you’re just looking for just a startup marketing SaaS consultant in Berlin 🙃.

Professional Experience

Here’s what I’ve been working on over the years.
When and In
Where and What
2022 - Now; Berlin, Germany
Lano, Director of Marketing
2019 - 2022; Berlin, Germany
Hygraph, VP of Marketing
2016 - 2019; Berlin, Germany
ZenMate, Head of Marketing & Growth
2015 - 2016; Berlin, Germany
Safari, Head of Marketing & Growth
2014 - 2015; Mumbai, India
Omnitripper, Co-Founder
2013 - 2015; Dubai, UAE
Carlson Rezidor, Sales & Marketing Specialist
2009 - 2013; Maldives, Thailand, and Switzerland
Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Various roles


Selected talks from podcasts, events, and conferences.
Catching up with Jack Bridger on his podcast to talk about how to align with commercial teams and approach marketing to developers.
Catching up with Kaya Ismail on MACH, Headless CMS, and API Marketing
Speaking with Kelly Goetsch about how Enterprise companies make the move to MACH architectures.
Joining Adam Sturrock, Breann Harper, and Keith Brooks on a panel discussing Marketing APIs to a Technical Audience.
Catching up with Jason Bradwell on his podcast to talk about developer marketing.
Speaking about Constant Business Innovation with Composable Architectures.
Driving Business Innovation in eCommerce with Composable MACH architectures.
Speaking about driving Business Innovation in eCommerce and Retail with Composable Architectures.

Side Projects

Some other fun stuff I'm working on and/or maintaining.
A collaborative SaaS for cross-functional teams to collect, categorize, curate, and reference resources.
A community of marketers actively in developer tooling. Request an invite!
250+ curated resources for marketers.
An open source curation of resources for marketers in B2D.
An open source curation of resources for marketers in B2B.
A community-curated catalog of APIs and SaaS tools to build DXPs.



Rapid Fire

  1. My favorite unmeasurable(-ish) metric is Time-to-Value. My favorite measurable metric is the Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost ratio (LTV:CAC).
  1. A realization that changed my perspective on many things was “everything is either a form or a table”.
  1. I love SEO and content. I equally dislike overusing spammy ads, unnecessary tracking, and shady email marketing practices.
  1. I hate buzzwords like gamechanger, growth "hacking", disruptive, and those rocket/muscle emojis.
  1. My favorite qualities in marketers are curiosity, data-inspiredness, empathy, involvement, and knowing when to admit defeat.
  1. Books that I often recommend to most people are Hit Refresh by Satya NadellaLab Rats by Dan Lyons, and Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore.
  1. “Proximity to cheap and fresh calamari and octopus” is a criteria on my retirement checklist.
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